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This is the Fun or eight Fun BB. So two, it's a bottom bracket middrive based electric bike kit that you can kind of install on different bikes. It's not available everywhere. You can get this kit from Long Island Electric Bikes, and they will ship it to you, and they can pair it with a bunch of different battery options. This is just sort of a generic 48 volts 11.6 amp hour listing impact that they've got installed sort of on the down tube of this surly karate monkey.

And I've got to say, this is just tricked out. I mean, these guys are having a lot of fun with this thing. They put on a new Vinci continuously variable transmission on the rear, so you can shift this at stand still. And, you know, basically the way that mid drive electric bikes work is they're taking advantage of your mechanical drive train, the same thing that you use to pedal the Motors using. So it makes these excellent for climbing, and it's efficient.

You're really taking advantage of the best gear for riding and you're reducing on spring weight. You're making it easier to service your wheels, your tires. There's lots of reasons that mid drives make sense, and this one's actually pretty good. I've reviewed some other bikes that have mid drives that were a little bit disappointing. They just weren't as fast.

They weren't as responsive. But there are a lot of benefits to something like this, including keeping the weight low and centered, as you can see there. Right. All the weight on this bike, like the battery, the motor, everything is right there in the middle. And it's just it's a lot of fun.

This isn't quite as smooth or a sophisticated as like a boss system. It really only uses a cadence sensor. So as you're turning cranks, it says, oh, they're turning, activate the motor, and then it just searches for what mode you're in right now. We're in a SIS level three, and we've got this nice little breakout switch here so I can go down to two or one, and you can configure almost everything in this. You change from miles per hour.

You can change the wheel size of your bike. We're using 29 ers on this right now. You can change the number of assist levels. So let's say three is the top right here. Right. We could put, like, nine levels of assist, and basically it just chops up those levels into finer increments. So there's that it's got a backlight. This display kind of swivels. It's not especially easy to remove. It is sort of bolted on, but it's nice.

It's big kind of swivel. It forward to back if it's glaring in your eyes. And it works with this assist sensor right here, as well as a twist, fairly modular. See the little wire plugs here, and they've done a good job running them along the frame in this one. They've also put the speed sensor right here with this magnet. And that's going to let you basically see how fast you're riding. The kit that we're looking at actually has a 750 Watt motor in there. That's awesome. I mean, for the United States, that's the top of the line. You really can't go higher than that and use this as a street legal bicycle.

So they're taking full advantage of power. And I would call it a high speed motor. It does feel like you've got good power, but it's not like, oh, my gosh. This is the most powerful thing I've ever been on. It's just it does have that capacity, and you can use that for speed, or you can use it for climbing, depending on which gear you've got. It comes with this motor. You basically take the bottom bracket and all of that assembly off of your existing bike and then put this on the motor. It comes with the chain ring in the front and this sort of disc right there along with the crank arms. And then you pick out some other battery again. This is just sort of a generic option.

It's a good set up. I would say one of the drawbacks is that this really can only fit normal size bottom brackets. So 68 to 73 versus, like, 100 is wider. And that's what they use for the fat tire bicycles. So this isn't really set up to work with fat tire bicycles. But for something like this, this is fairly large tire, and the bike is a ton of fun to ride. It's really interesting to build something like this. As we see more Panasonic mid drives and Bosh mid drives and that kind of thing. Those have speed sensors, torque sensors, cadence sensors all working together. This is simpler. And you can read for installation of a front hub motor kit in previous article.

It's just cadence or twist throttle, but it still does a good job. And it's neat that you could get this to yourself and you could put it on a bike like this that you already have that you love. Or, for example, like a recumbent or maybe like a trike, or you've got something like cargo bike, and they've done that. So I'm going to show that in a bit. Well, let's hop on, give you some idea of what this sounds like.

So I'm in the highest level of assist. It's worth noting that if I go down to zero, nothing works like the throttle doesn't work. No assist happening. And I feel like maybe that's a missed opportunity. I feel like if I want nothing, I can just turn the system off. What if I want throttle only modes, like, there's no way to do that. I have to turn on assist. I'm throttling I'm going along. It's fine. I let off the throttle, and then I pedal for a second, and then I get, like, a surprise, like, oh, yeah, pedal assist is on.

Sometimes I just like to separate the two, and they could have done that really easily. So and rant. I'm going to turn this up to, like, one and just give you some idea of what it sounds like here. Pretty quiet, pretty responsive. Impressive system here. I'm going to take it up to three. Now, the other thing that this kit comes with are these sort of power cut off brake levers. So you can see this wire right here when I pull the break, that cut power to the motor. And then here's the standard cable. So that's another thing that comes with the kit. This time I'm going to use the throttle.

Pretty impressive. I definitely get you going. So that's the other thing about this. It really changes the performance depending on what year you're in. So right now I'm in a really low gear for climbing. And if I turn this into more of a high gear, see how the Hill flattens out. This is a year that you'd want to use for high speed. But starting out, it's gonna be harder for the motor to turn. So let's give you some idea of what that's like easily reaching our 20 mph. So it started out a little slower, but not bad. I mean, 750 Watts. You're getting a lot of torque. So here's another set up with saying so two, in this case, it's mounted on a KMX Trike, very similar to what Outrider uses, actually. And just set up right there on the front, kind of mounted the display on the arm again. This is a 750 Watt.

It. They do have a 350 Watt hit that runs on 36 volts battery. This one has to run on 48. So in this case, we've got, like, an all sale battery pack, you know, just kind of tossed in the pan or along with the controller back here. So very cool setup. It's neat to see something like this. The price range on this, it's like 750 for the motor. But when you get into all the accessories and a battery pack, we're talking about one $500. So you take $500 and a little bit of time, or maybe you pay a shop to to help you out. And you could build something like this.

And it works really well. But I've got to say, one of the trade offs to this system versus, like a boss or something that's a little more integrated is that, you know, first of all, you've only got cadence fencing, right. And second of all, if you change gears, this isn't smart enough to know and to let off, you know, you're accelerating. It's like and then you change gears. It's like and it just matches all over the place.

The 750 WATT MIDDRIVE ELECTRIC BIKE KIT video So be careful with that. Also, in this case, we've got special brakes that we aren't using, the ones that have the cut off. So you could be pulling the brakes here but still pedaling in it. And then you're going to have the brakes fighting with with the motor. So let's get out of this and give you another quick demo Rod. There's no motor set up. We're just in pedal assist level one right now. Very smooth and quiet. You can see as soon as I stop. Pedaling keeps going for a second, but it cuts out pretty quickly. Which is nice.