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 I'm inspired from Trek Marlin share about ebike convertion from MTB bike under an hour process. So I want to share you this experience and hope will give many advantage for all reader. Welcome back to the Channel, guys. So remember in the last video, I said I was going to convert a normal mountain bike into an Ebike. That's what I'm gonna do. So I'll just put this together. It arrived pretty much done anyway. So we go all the components of the system here. This is one of the curb bike kits. This is the battery. That's the speed controller. That's the display for the speed controller, which makes it really nice and easy because you can just basically put this together really quickly. So we've got the motor wheel here. This is 1500 Watt motor. It will do 2000 Watts. I've already put a tie on here. This wheel size is actually 26 inch.

It's a little bit smaller than what's on the fire, but we can change the front wheel if it doesn't really work. So what do you Mount it is the pocket seven speed sprocket exactly the same as the one on there already. So that should just slot straight in. So let's get cracking. But the first thing we want to do is just check the battery placement, see where the battery's going to go.Yeah, that's gonna be wicked in there. I was wondering about this because you've got quite a low top bar on some of these new bikes, but that looks like it's going to work fine, actually, just mounts onto the bottle amount. So I'll show you this. You just basically get this and there's a key, so you just get the key and then just release that. I don't think I'm gonna be able to do it with a camera man, and that just slots out so you can see connectors and stuff on there. So we're gonna fix that onto there, get it lined up. So at least know, obviously the batteries is in the right place and everything else. Well, this is all lined up. I'm gonna Mount it. So this is actually at the top of that kind of little runner there, so it can only go where they can't go downwards and it can't really go upwards.

So we'll just basically just tighten these up. It could do is a little washer under here as well. Right. So that's the battery on. It's pretty stable and you can lock it into place while doing that great thing I've always loved about Ebikes like this is the fact that you can remove the battery to take it inside to charge it. And also, if you leave the bike anywhere, which you probably wouldn't in this domain, you can take the battery off at least anyway. So there you go. Looks really smart. That next up motor in. So take off this wheel. Love these quick wheel lease wheels, but it's got to go in there right before I do that, I almost forgot. I need to take the brake disc off of this one and put it on there. Get all the nice bolts included on here. But you might want to think about getting one of those just a kit of little talk sick things because they're an absolute nightmare to get out unless you've got the correct bit. So it's like a T 25.

I mean, you see, I put it in the drill here because they've put Loctite, obviously on the boat. So you'll never get them out unless you got, like a sort of a proper hand tool, but it's going to be difficult. So I just wet one of these in the drill and then come out nice and easy. Right. So that's off that way. This goes on there. Obviously there's this little space thing here as well, which I think we need because this is actually just a pure circle. And that's got one a bit of a cut out on it. So, Fred, all these through here phase wires. Be careful with these really thin wires as well. If you bust those and your hole sensors won't work. And that will mean the motor won't spin, but just come inside for a quick coffee break. So those nuts were on the outside of the disk. You want to throw them up really tight or even better use lock type. If you use Loctite, as you've seen, they ain't gonna come out very easily.

But you gotta be careful because this day and screw whilst you're traveling or if you're riding the bike, they will unscrew and then they will literally scrape the wire. I'll show you in a minute. But the wire that comes out of the motor, it will literally just catch on those. And that's how wrecked like one motor set of hole sensors. And then you'll have to set the motor part and reconnect new wires, which is just a Royal pain in the backside. So make sure you get those tire and then they won't ever come out and won't set of the thing. But we've actually on these new Motors. We've actually put a piece of heat shrink in kind of a tension relief thing there as well. So there's a bit more protection than there used to be. Right.

So this is what I'm talking about. I got a bit of heat strip there and also this sort of spring that all helps. So let's stick the wheel in then, right. Wheels in as it turned out wired to do to remove the spacer on here, because basically it wouldn't go in. I thought it wasn't going to fit at all at first, but I actually had to take the calorie per off as well. For the moment. I can put it back on it. Actually, I've just tested the actually lines up. We can see here. Wire is actually kind of routed around the outside of that as well. The actual is fitting in the dropouts. And you can read for middrive electric bike kit using this link. Okay. But I think it could go down a little bit further. So what I'm going to do is stick the actual bolts on and stuff. I've got to com to go on here as well and then sort of tighten everything up and just sort of see if I can just bed it in a little bit.

Better gearing may be a little bit of an issue. I might need to space this out as well. You can see it's very. Ig very tight in there, so this is going to need to be pushed back. Otherwise you're not going to be out again to that born gear back wheels on. See what I mean about the stance. You've got a bigger front wheel than you over the back. But I mean, it actually feels like I just took it on the block and I'll someting because I've been doing this really heavy builds up until now. This is the first really kind of light one, and I've done apart from the one that I started off right at the beginning of this whole journey. It's crazy. You can actually paid the bike and it still feel pretty light. It's really impressive. I'm gonna stick the battery then the and just give it a quick test to see how heavy it actually is.

But other than that, next bit is the fun bit, the electrics. So let's start by sticking the display on quite excited to see how this looks on it. Look at that. Look how smart that's looking. I love this display on it. It's just so kind of modern. And in the other video I showed it lit up, but obviously I'll show that in a minute once I get it all rigged up. So next up, I'm going to run this wire from here down. This frame is so nice and clean. Everything is kind of all the brake lines and the gear lines and stuff real rooted through this frame through the inside of it. That's one of the reasons why I pit it because it just makes it look so clean. Next up, I'm gonna stick the thumb throw along.

Now this kid in particular comes with a thumb throw, whether you like it or not. That's what it comes with. You can actually probably change it for, like a full tort if you want or maybe like a half throttle. I'm going to stick with this for now because actually it's quite good if you're used to riding a mountain bike and you're not used to riding a motorbike, it can be a bit take a little bit of getting used to because your hands obviously on here. And if you're sort of flying around with the bike and kind of moving your hands quite a lot going over bumps, then you can have problems if you're not used to it. So we're gonna stick with thumb throttle. Also included in there is a pedal sensor, which you can Mount onto the bottom bracket. And then basically that gives you, like, a full pedal assist. So if you're not interested in having thought or on a leave direct total control, you can actually have it like a real bike where it basically just kind of makes it feel like you were just peddling like, hey man or something like that. These are nice grips, actually, they come up really easy.

We got to do is undo that. I've not seen these ones before. Put that on. I need to move all this lot across a little bit just so that we get the same kind of amount of grip on either side. Right. So we're done nice and easy. They can group the two cables down from the bottle on the display and to get her up here and then run them down to basically the controller and everything's going to have to go here. There's a little bag that you can use for this. I'm not overly fond of this, but it's the best method at the moment. It'd be nice to have some sort of plastic box. I've even thought of it. Actually, maybe you could actually have it. They're controlling everything in a box like this and then have this box a bit a bit bigger. Is any kind of everything in one box, but that's how it is for now anyway. Cable ties from.

Well, I my favorite shop that some are included in the box anyway. Oh yeah. I almost forgot the switch for the display. I need to put that on there as well. Alright, So cockpits looking pretty smart. I've rooted the wires down here. I've used cable ties. You can barely see them because I've just obviously done them where the letters are in between the letters. And then I've kind of done it so that they just pulled it tight so they don't really see enough come out here. So we've got obviously a display throttle and our power wire for the motor. And then you get this obviously this kind of tube stuff you can just wrap around there to kind of key all the stuff together and then we're going to go into the bag there with the controller and everything. So you might be wondering about the brakes and the brakes. You do actually get e brakes in this kit, but the problem is they're for cable brakes. So what I'm going to try and do is work out another solution.

I've actually used switches before, just like a switch to enable you're breaking or your region and stuff on there. So I might try to find another solution because I don't want to lose these brakes. I don't want to change these two cable brakes. It's not a big deal with the sort of medium sort of lower powered bikes anyway, to really have brakes. It's not that necessary. Right? So I flip the bike around. Do you remember what I was found about the wire from the motor touching on the actual little kind of the nuts from the brake disc. So what I'm gonna do is create a bit of tension on this wire here and then sort of cable tie it. Maybe in between those two things there and then that will just sort of hold it out and then I just need to route this along.

So it comes basically to the same place over here, ready for the controller. Right next up, we need to do the wiring it's pretty straightforward, obviously, that's the battery lease got the controller here. So first of all, we want to find the phase wires for the motor, and that is these three here. Now, all they do is just basically go into one of these connector blocks here, put a bubble over the top of it, and then that's it. And then the other connector is for the whole sensors and temperature sensor in the motor. So you just need to find the connector on here, which that obviously connects into. And we can do that. So I'm going to do the yellow to blue to blue, green to green as it spit. If you find them out, it runs the wrong way. You might need to reverse two of those, which is just a straightforward thing. Just split the two and then the motor will go the other way.And then that top cover just goes over.

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