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 It an easy and easy. In today's video, we're going to be building my very first electric bike. I'm going to show you step by step what I did and actually how much easier than I thought it was to do this entirely. So let's get it. So I'm going to try to leave the link in the description for which one that I purchased. But once I got my package, it came on this huge box. Keep in mind that typically each company ships their battery separate. But in this box, they give you the motor, and I ordered a rear wheel motor. It's like a tongue twister in anyway. And then it gives you the controller, the charger.

It gives you a twist throttle. It does give you pedal assist, too. But I didn't apply the pedal assist my bike because I'm just not going to be using it for this one. And maybe I'll apply that to a future bike that I built. But pretty much everything you need is in this box now. But also, remember, it is a kit, too. Right. So the kit should come with everything that you need. And if they don't, then you can either get your money back or you can talk to the supplier. Figure it out that way.

Okay. So the first thing that you're going to need to do is take off the rear wheel. And this was my first time ever even doing any work on a bike ever. So if I can figure it out, trust me, you could figure it out. After you take off your back wheel, then what you do is you take the tire off. If you've never done this before, there's, like, thousands of videos of people that teach you how to do this on YouTube. It's super simple. It's a lot easier than you think. That's for sure. Like walking into this. I thought this was going to be, like, the hardest thing, but this ended up being the easiest thing. So you take the wheel off, just make sure that the tube is still in there has enough air as well. Apply it to the other rear wheel with the motor on it.

So the next thing I had to do, because the rear hub motor was starting not to fit within my frame. I took a metal filer. I mean, you could buy these things at, like, Lows or Home Depot, whatever. Probably a couple of Bucks $15 to shave down some of the metal because the Bolt just wasn't fitting inside of it. So how to shave it down a little bit then I got it to fit. This process might take a while. It's quite a kind of time lapse it after that. Just make sure you have the correct washers on each side. Otherwise, your pedals are just not going to spin correctly. Next up, we got the handlebars.

Now, you don't have to necessarily do it in this order, but I just ended up doing it in this order. It's super simple. It's basically twist off the rubber handles. Sometimes people use, like, water and stuff to get it off. I didn't use anything. It was just easy to get off. Then you go ahead and apply what was in the kit, whether it's a twist throttle or a thumb throttle, depending on which one that you bought. And also, these pieces are all connected with screws to make them tighter. So it's like, super simple, but you space it out how you want to space it out. I mean, again, it's a DIY kit. You can do whatever you want to. And my kid also came with a little pedometer. I'm pretty sure all kids do. It's a pretty simple one. Not really too fancy or technical.

I don't really want to get too much into it, but you also apply that to the handlebars as well. So next up, we got the wiring. I chose this bag, but the kid did not come with a bag or a good bag anyway. So I ended up getting this bag at a sport store, and it was like $80 carries, like water bottle, all types of stuff. So I put my controller in there. The controller is what connects your pedometer, the twist throttle and the battery. And if you're very worried about whether or not you don't know how to do the wiring, this is also probably the most simple part of the bike. And you can read for how to double the power of ebike in previous article. Surprisingly, you would think that it would be super crazy, mathematical or something like that. It's actually it's not rocket science. All the wires lined up with each other, all the colors line up with each other. They make it super simple for you.

In fact, when the kit comes, all the wires are connected in the kit. So if you have trouble, just take a picture of the wires that are already connected, and then when you unplug them and then plug them back, then you know which ones go where next up, we got the battery and every electric bike. I believe every bike has these two bolts on the frame that go right there. And these batteries are built from the kit to fit onto the frame. So you just screw it in really simple. And then you slide in on the battery. Battery also has a key lock, so it doesn't go anywhere. Just in case. I guess you fall something like that. And then right on top, I put my bag right there.

It really doesn't look that great, to be honest, but just to get the point across and just to complete the kit to make sure this bike works. This is the bag that I'm dealing with right now. Then after that, go ahead and lift up the bike. You can go ahead and test it. Okay. So just how I mentioned about the torque arm, this right here is a torque arm. You see the silver piece here? It's a really thick torque arm. I'm going to put the website right here. And this is the version four. And you're going to need this because it helps to keep the frame from getting damage, because if there's too much torque on a cheap frame or any frame, for that matter, you're going to need this torque arm to kind of direct the force from the frame snapping.

Now, it doesn't snap all the time, but it more so loosen up the Bolt from the motor, whichever motor that you're using. And that's what can happen. And it could definitely be a bad thing if you're going really fast and something falls apart. So this is to really kind of keep it together. I would suggest go and do some homework on where to go about buying a torque arm in or just visit the website that I put below. Okay. So I just got up into the city.

I figured I come out here to just kind of test it out because there's some, like, open areas on my old school, and I'm just going to try to ride around in this area, just kind of fucking around and see how fast I can go. So let's get it. I'll tell you the truth. The real reason why I came down here is because it's colder down here today is like super hot. Where I'm from kind of more South Bay, and he comes to the city. It's at least 20 degrees cooler.

It's 60 out here right now. So it's perfect for me to ride around, get my sweat in. All right. Early on level three, it says 15. My eyes are watering. Who got my eyes right now? Are fucking watering. Oh, shit. That was something else. That was something else. I use some parking here every day. And this stupid ass parking light, take those stairs right over there every day. Now we at the top. I'll see you at the bottom of the elevator. You could watch the ebike-build-process--2000w-rear-hub-motor-52v-29in-mtx-wheel video It's like a slight decline. Just very slight.

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