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 But before turning this on, let me remove this other good day and good afternoon, everyone. So welcome again to another Vlog for today's video. We're going to do the long awaited by restoration or the road by click racial project, which is this one? So we painted this one a while back. So let's try to restore this one with an ebike conversion. Say June. So for this conversion, we will be needing this road bike frame. Of course, some tools, the buffering, mid drive conversion kit, the new brake levers and shifters, some sensors.

And of course, the Pasa will set. Okay, so this might be a long video, so I just might have to stick around. We need to install this. The lid drive motor. Yes. Go is falling the lock. So we need some doors. Fill up this thing up. Make sure to lock the outer ring first before setting up. Not bots. So in the the left inside and lock this Allen red key to secure the motor to have the link software here if you have been seen the unboxing of this one. Okay, so the motor is now secure.

We now install the rank arm so it has labels left and right. So make sure to follow them. So this one is on the left side. We need to install this one first. Okay, install the front court. Okay, so after installing mid drive motor and the revealed with assembly of the brakes, including the front, he lives now time to install the gear sensor. So for the front for the brakes, I'll be using the gear sensor to cut off power to the motor once the sensor updates. So this will be used for the brakes. So instead of the normal brake levers, I'll be using this one.

So after installing the ship sensors through the brake lever connection, this is not the final set up from the brake levers. The ship sensor or anything that ships within here will cut off power to the motor to the rear brakes. And this is now wiring connection on the speed motor sensor and the ship sensor for the rear trailer. So the next thing to do is to install the battery. The only problem with the battery holder is that it's mounting points for mounting holes. It's not allowed with this type of holder.

So we need to do something about this that it will be mounted out properly. So for this, I purchased Ribbit nuts, so I will show it to you later. I have found already we'll see some. I'm going to place the battery placeholder by marking this on the down tube. The next thing to do is to drill some holes and insert the rent. So this is the rep. Not let me screw this one for you to see clearly. So this one so the Rev nut will put some drill holes here and insert the Rev nut just like that. And let's drill some holes.


So finally we have installed the Rev nuts in the down to here. So hopefully this will be 30 year enough to hold the battery. So after this one time to install the battery holder and the battery to power up the motor. After installing the rib nut and pick it on and down tube. So I managed to successfully install the battery holder and already connected it to the motor. So now let us try to connect or install the battery. Okay, so the battery fits nicely on the down tube with light France at the bottom.

So let's try to turn the thing on, but before turning this on, let me remove this one. So the switch or the controller switch for the LCD screen. I just place it here in the top two because there's just a little space here in the top bar. So let's just put it here. So the time to turn is thing by holding on the power button here at the center for about 2 seconds. No third one. So the up and down bottle to the pedal of this it's the plus and the minus sign of the over switch here.

So plus nine this notch up 123-45-6789. So the maximum panel assist is nine. So maybe later as we continue to to continue to assemble this one, we'll try to track different configure insurance for this one. But first, but the y our motor exit runs nicely. So let me just set this thing up to test this one one. We'll just use work mode for the motor by the pressing the line on the bottom here until you see the sign and the pedal assist counter. Does it activating the work mode and the fee in the display module to see 95 modules already in what I continuously press the minus on the rear wheel to turn on what?

So for the work mode it only gives you a maximum of 10 km. That way you will know if the speed sensor is running or working. If you'll see a flashing science Led indicator here means that the magnet center has passed this you can see here is the name sensor. As soon as it swims around my third name, you can see that Led switch or Led light turn so that's no it's working properly. So this is now the final version of the road bike restoration project.

Now the display. We just place the controller here that it won't butter with the drop bar here. So I installed some light. So this is response or with race or break calibers and then ignite a caliber or the other side. And of course, the pasta wheelset, the drive motor battery, and of course, Vader the ship center in the rear in Sohopefully. We could do a full review after 500 km or so. And you can read for converted a bike into an electrical bike in previous article. If you have questions regarding the conversion of the road bike restoration project, just leave them down in the comments below. And if you like this video Just give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends until the next video.