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Yeah. Okay.

Oh yeah. Hi. And welcome to Runway. And today we're going to convert a regular so to speak analog bicycle into Electic bike. For now. I don't know the facts. It's all a surprise for me. I got invited by Lucas to see the process. Let's find out together. Let me tell you more about it. All right. So right now we're at Hallada. You can see it's a pretty big bike shop here in Warsaw, Poland, and you can see there's a wide variety of bikes and actually also Ebikes. So if you're interested in test of stock ebikes like this or like this or like this and leave a comment below. But today we're going to perform a conversion of an analog bike. As I said before, with this Marin or Marine, the bike is actually nothing special. I don't know so much about bicycles. To tell you all the important specs and so on. It has a steel frame and we will Mount a middrive engine to this Ebike and a battery, a removable battery. The conversion will not be performed on this exact model.

So we'll head on over to Tobias, who has the same version of the bike prepared for the conversion. To perform this conversion. You can either go to this shop here Alleva to perform this conversion. The guys will do everything for you and range or the parts means to be okay. Or you can get the parts by yourself and make the conversion. Alright. So that is the we're going to perform the conversion on. There is no motor inside here. Yes. Yeah. And you can read for e-bike build process in previous article.

Let's see what are next steps to perform to we will perform the conversion on this exact bike. But basically all bicycles are ready for a Ebike conversion, of course, depending on the parts and configuration. So the cables actually are not routed yet. We have just sensor here and the display is already mounted, but the cables are still close and there is this part which is the gear sensor which will not allow the motor to turn while changing gears. So don't break the gears here.

We have the throttle on the last time, an on off switch and the most lecture on boxing time. So this is the Buffon 750 Watts normal power middrive Mona. The cool thing about it is that it has actually the controller already built in. So that's one left things hanging off your Ebike matrices. That's heavy. Do it. That's heavy. Four 2 kg. You want to test it? Yeah. Yeah. So we will Mount this on the bike and see how it goes. You have all the cables here. Asianamerican print cost. Okay, I paste things blue. Okay. Maybe for a 46 piece rocket. Looks behind the camera, trying his best to see a good operator. More cables. More and more cables.

Even more. Okay, all the mounting brackets and so on. And you have to always test if this engine will actually fit on your bike because you can get through like this part here, but maybe there are some other obstructions to if you want this engine on your bike, better first check, maybe also here, and then we have more stuff. Oh, yeah. I think this is actually already mound on the bike.

Well, I know so much. Let's get back to Tobias to show us the way. War corpus. If the engine or the engines moving parts were to interfere with some other parts of the frame, then you can just get a washer inside. And this should hopefully solve your problem. Initiating from a and you'll need a special key that is not included in the box. Then you can tighten this nut with around 70 Newton meters of pressure. Then you can screw in the counter nut or lock nut with around 30 new meters of force.

Now you can Mount the chain. Now you can connect all the connections. And don't worry, all the connectors are in a shape that is unique. So you can't mess this up. And if you thought ahead, you would know that you actually to route the case. So we had to loosen the engine again and route the cables in the correct way. To not have a mess, it's time to Mount the battery Mount and again connect it with the necessary cables.

It's on the display is on. It also has a backlight, and it has different levels of assistance. So even though it's not a torque sensor, you can select various electric assistance powers at speeds, the throttle is always at Max. And here's a time lapse of arranging all the cables with cable ties. Okay, it seems like everything is ready. We connected everything with me. So we just connected everything with zip ties. The cables are routed. Basically, all of the connections are also pretty much dramatic, so, yeah, I think it's getting ready. We're ready to take it up for it.

Now. We did not test the exploration because it was extremely poor, but we did test the top speed without peddling. It was around 35 to 38 km an hour on the highest gear. And I was quite surprised about the top speed with peddling. It was around 55 km an hour. Even maybe 60 km an hour would be possible. Cool. That was a bit faster right now. Not on purpose. We went a bit off roading, and actually the engine and the gears help a lot. Here to just nicely go for the mud. You could watch complete We converted a bike into a 1500W Mid-Drive eBike video Yeah. Big tires. Hole in the mud.