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Hi guys, this is my new build. The bar is perform 760 or mother and I put eight volt batteries and put another adapter right here so I can carry two batteries. So never once went out. I can put another in to keep ready. Especially if you're a Hunter. So you know, you go some wild management area so you can use the one battery to go in another bad way to go out. This is a 750 Watt hub motor, but the 750 Watt is based on the 40.

So right now I'm using 8 volts which pretty much doubled double the power. And the problem with the motor is the wire comes out of the motor. It's too sink. That's why I replaced this is a new three face wire right here. So right now this is a 14 gauge. I think its original probably 18 engages. Where is it? So this is a much much sinker the original one.

I just want to quick show you the old ring malware from but. See. The wire is pointing out. In this way you can get a more current goes to the battery and whenever you use a bigger battery, you definitely can kind of power. I mean, if you right on the cities where pretty much you never really gave full swaddle because that will be so fast. So if you write on the city state, you probably don't really need to change the wire. But if you write on the off road like a deep grass and deep snow which basically you cannot really handle at all. The panel doesn't give you going think about it.

Deep snow. You have to gave the initial speed to write on the snow. Otherwise you back it sink down so pretty much no way to just handle the back in the snow. It's the same thing as the deep breath as well. You have to use the motor to go over the snow. And you can read for step-by-step what problems you may have e-bike conversion in previous article. That way I need to change this face were to to get more power goes to the multi. I mean, the motor itself is really strong, older, definitely really good motor. It just wire it.

This is the platform here to hold since I used 80 volts battery. So this cable actually owning of so overpower for cable to the cable is too seen. I think so. I'm going to replace the cable with a little bit sinker cable. So once you unscrew those you can pull this out, but even you pull it off you can say the cover. See all the bearing right here. So the cover is really hard to take it off. I won't use the Pooler to pull out this card here without any her.

So the pool just borrow from this is a great thing about auto. Whenever I need something professional tool that you can really want to because there's a bar of the okay, I open the power so you can see the wire goes inside and then come up from here. You can see how soon this is where it is. So this is your face web. Definitely 16, even 18. Great wire, you know. So I'm going to replace this for engage more. Okay, so now I replace the wire.

This is the standard for engaged square. It's much, much, much sinker than the original. You let all the wire go through and come out from there. It's not really easy. Just wear a small hole. It's not really easy to go through there, but yeah, it's definitely durable. So are we soldering all the wires together. You can see this is the one to suite the face where it's right there. And then I also saw in the whole sensor where normally I will put the color label on this side, but it just depends on any or label at home.

So I stand. I just take a picture so I know which were linked to which one. Then later on link to the speed controller, I can't figure out which I switch. Okay. So I'm going to use it a liquid type to put on the whole center wire. Otherwise you go short on each other, you know, so that's I'm going to do and then Hi everything together. Put back on the cover. Pretty much. That's pretty much it okay. So the wire is being finished. Come on. And go the controller. I also put a marker on the wire. Yellow one. And this is my. Battery. And we'll say it is the work for the middle. A shuttle to see this moving. Okay, good. It's moving.

Okay. A lot of question people ask is a range. What range? You can guess from the past. Let so this is the four amp hour 80 volts battery. So. For a power 80 volts eco, our you can count in that way. So if you right on the city Street, I mean, by the cruising, this battery can give you roughly camel in that range. I mean cruising, which you still panel. You just use the power to to go uphill to just be the main time you still handle. 

You can watch HOW TO DOUBLE THE POWER OF EBIKE HUB MOTOR DISASSEMBLY AND REPLACE PHASE WIRES video Okay. That's a cruising range, basically pretty much all back on the market. They tell you they can drive for 20 miles, 30 miles. All talk about cruising hands. Okay. For me, I I ride in the deep snow. So.