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 All right. Well, let's do a test, and I'm not going to pedal at all. I'll see how fast this thing gets up to. Still accelerating just crashed. Hey, guys. Last week I saw this really cool video. It's called Ebike or electric bike. I thought they were kind of slow, but apparently you can go really fast. Ball. Here's a video. It's called a stealth bomber. This got me really excited. So I ended up looking to see what this thing caught with the stem thumber. It's over $10,000. So I know that's really out of my price range, so I'm gonna build one, and I think I can do it less than $500.

All brand new. Hey, there it is. Now. This to me, is when it gets kind of scary. There's a lot of stuff in there. Lots of warriors, because I'm not really a electrical engineer or anything else. So we're gonna have to read the manual on that and watch some videos. Probably that the controller the controller looks up to, or that is at the throttle er of button. I'm guessing and shows the batteries how much charges left. I think that's like a speed sensor. Let's see now on the title in that's the rate that I was reading. Well, basically just engage or Motors when I break and they'll stop the motor, which is probably pretty important.

Bungee got to hold the bag down a little more star. No idea. I have two little extra handles and the bike rack. These aren't the best, but they do work pretty big bag. Really. It looks like the sides are expandable, so I'll probably put the control out one side, the batteries in the center. What are you doing in here? And hey, I don't know if I mentioned this, but this break in front. Awesome. That means I have put this break on the back. Stopping it is really important when you want 30 miles an hour. I was reading that.

We got to insure it's really tight in there. Once we're ready to go, we just got to make sure that this little washer got this edge on it is inside of it on this side. I got a washer on that side, and I have this locking washer on this side, and we just tighten the crap out of these. So even though it's a seven speed control gear shifter, as long as you just don't use the last one, it looks like it'll pretty much work. Okay. So I heard that you can just get those shifters switched out.

So that's probably the best idea, but it's going to work for now. So it's in there. I mean, it's really tight. How to use a big wrench on it instead of a socket set that seems to be spinning just fine. Yeah. I think this bill is going to work out the device that looks a little bit low there, so I'm not sure how it is. So here's the problem with the rack doesn't really have a joint right here. And you can read for installation update ebike convertion complete tutorial in previous article. So even when it's time he supposed to Bolt into here, you can see it's not quite fitting.

I can't go like that. There's just going to be too much of an angle. So I'm just going to take this and go bend it on my bike. So let's try this out. I look at the bike rack on, but because it's electrical line, I can't actually put it on there because it's electrical line. And you'd say, well, I'll just run the Lectric line through this hole right now. It's got this big square thing, and I don't really want to mess with it. So I'm gonna actually Mount it on top right here.

And I've already bent up this these little force, so I think it's gonna work just fine. I just need to get a Bolt through there. And I think I got just the thing I'm actually gonna speed it through with this big washer like that, and that's gonna hold just fine. And then just stick another wash around here. So now I realize that this isn't quite level. So I'm trying to bet these down a little bit right now. That's pretty good there. That's pretty level. I can live with that.

We do is set a break on now. And you want to basically were the last ones were you can tighten it down a little more in a second. But you're just going to tighten it up right there, and then the throttle will go over here. Then you handle bar here, here. So your throttle be here. Andyou can still grip it, though, like this. So you can have your thumb and throttle and fingers on the brake. So as you unscrew this little thing here, then you get a set line inside of this. No, I'm not really a bike, guys. So make sure this stuff called, but it should look something like that. Then then it'll insert it right here.

This little dude ad goes inside there, right. And that goes inside and then the screws. And like, so I'm going to sell this thumb throttle that this wire is just going to have to kind of run along with the brake controller as well. I'll kind of bind those together back along here because the shifter roll one as well. No, my original handlebar is a little longer than this. Put that length right there. So I should be able to shift all this down just a little bit.

So that way, it all fits on there correctly. Again, these are always hard to get on. One little trick is to stick an air compressor in this little hole right here, blow into it, and then it'll push on real easy identity to get it off. And it works surprisingly well. But pushing on it a little easier than pulling off. So I think I can just work this on to have these three lines. You get your acceleration right, break left break. So you have to take these and figure a way to kind of tuck them back to get to your controller unit, but were not surprisingly easy.

So now I just got to use my Allen wrench and tighten this all up. I'm going to leave it loose now, though, and I want to make sure everything's working before I tighten things down on the back, got the Velcro, the bottom there. So we just put those lips around. I'm just kind of center it up there, give you this wearing guide for the controller, and it looks like it's accurate and everything. So I'm going to just basically connect everything according to the color, and they can give you this little club so you can connect all the motor connections to the controller, so it looks like it doesn't touch or anything like that. You can see detail video about How to make an electric bike for cheap and fast

I just put these in town on top kind of stretch here. So basically, I put these on each hole. So all I have to do is take the wires from both brakes on the throttle and get them into the bag. So I'm not wearing what zip tying the yet. I'm just going to give them or get all wired together. So in case I need to make some changes, I can I'm just going to pull those in and you got to have to have some slack, because when you turn and things like that, you're going have to root for some movement. It there. I want to pull those in and also here's the motor.