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 Hey, we wanted to thank our early backers as we inch closer to 50% of our goal. We want you to share and tweet post our campaign so that we can get your friends involved and we can blast through that goal and bring the unlimited Ebike to production. So we also wanted to show you a very casual insulation on one of our bikes to show you really how simple and easy it is to Mount it on any bike. Right. So here we have an urban bike, what's called a 29 or also in some countries, 28 inches or 700 C.

Also, it's the same wheel size for all these bikes, and so we'll be installing the limit ebike kid on this bike all you need for the bike to have. As explained on our campaign page, open dropout Forks and a water bottle Mount for this bike. If your bike does not have a water bottle Mount like a Brompton or many folding or cargo bikes, we also provide a Mount adapter to Mount it onto a tube, so we'll be changing out the front wheel, installing the battery and the bottle water mounts and putting on the pedal sensor.

The first thing we'll do is we'll remove the front wheel. For that, we'll remove the quick release on screw it a little bit, so it goes over the lip on the fork and take off the wheel. Well, set up on the fork so that it stands on its own. And then we have our front wheel. Well, now need to remove our disc break of our original wheel and move it over to our motor wheel the tire. We don't have to do that because our tire wheel already comes with tire pre installed, so we don't have to get our hands dirty to remove the break. We basically take a standard bicycle multi tool and then use either the Allen or the torque wrench on it.

Undo all the bolts that hold the brake on. Once all of your bolts have been removed, take off the disk, then you install your disk onto your motor wheel and put in your bolts. So now we'll install the motor wheel onto electric bike. For that, we remove the nuts and the washers and slide it into the Fort, making sure to align the disc brake. Once it's mounted, we put in the washers and then the nuts and we tighten it with a spanner wrench for a 15 millimeter wrench, making sure that it is properly time.

Once our wheels on, we adjust the caliper so that it smooth. She spins and doesn't bind with the disc. Now that we have our front motor wheel installed, we'll go over installing the battery into the water bottle bosses of the bike, we take our quick release mounting plate bolted onto the water bottle mountain bolts, using also an Allen wrench in our bicycle multi tool or just a standard type Allen wrench, and finally open the quick release came so that it can take in our battery pack. You grab our battery pack.

This is the XR battery pack that can give you up to 80 km or 50 miles of range, and it's made with a sliding rail so that you can Mount it to the big release mountain plate at whatever height you want. You can slide it in or out. So this really makes it fit your bike in the perfect position on this bike. It really fits really nicely right in the middle. And then once it's installed, we'll grab the wire from the motor. This is the only wire that we need to plug in, and then we'll guide it just like a brake line.

Fit it to the battery pack. Then we'll grab one of these included clips and we'll use it to secure the line to the bicycles for so that it nicely route and allows us to turn the handle bars and that it doesn't get in the way of the wheel. And you can read for e bikes with embn model of electric bike in previous article. The final step in the installation is to Mount our wireless fell sensor. And this is really what sets the Unlimited system apart from other systems. You don't need to run any wires, and it will amount to really any bike with any type of cranks, any type of pedals.

It's just a matter of grabbing the rubber band and your pedal sensor, placing it on the cranks and then using that rubber band to secure it. And it really doesn't matter what height on the crank arm it goes, or if it goes on your right or left crank arm. It's all done automatically, and it will sense your pedaling regardless of where it's installed. To test it out. To make sure everything is running smoothly, we can go out for a ride outside or we can grab the handlebar, raise it up a little bit and give it a quick pedal, and we can see that the border is accelerating and then it's ready to go. So that was a quick update. We want to thank you for your support and ask you to share with your friends, family, and on social media so that we can blast pass our campaign goal and bring the Unlimited by kit to production.

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